Signals and Systems Department Electrotechnical Faculty of Belgrade

Theses that came from our laboratory:




Analysis of ground reaction forces while walking in shoes with different heel heights

Milica Đurić-Jovičić

Motor drive for control of pelvis motion during gait

Nebojša Malešević

Classifying mental tasks based on features of higher-order statistics from EEG

Marko Jevremović

A system for determining the grasp strategy with a distance sensor and a camera

Miloš Kostić

Fractal dynamics of gait

Olga Grbović

Object indentification and grasp type recognition based on the stereovision system

Matija Štrbac

Event-related desynchronization variations during voluntary movements and Wii game interaction

Nikola Šobajić

Time-frequency analysis in the processing of electrophysiological signals

Marko Lainović

Multi-channel EMG feedback algorithm

Ilija Jovanov

A method for application of web-based games in Neurorehabilitation by using the Kinect sensor estimation of hand trajectory

Jelena Kljajić

Analysis of electroencephalographic signals recorded during functional electrical stimulation

Vladislava Bobić

EEG applications for functional electrical stimulation

Borjana Bogdanović

Principal component analysis of electromyography signals for grasp classification

Milica Isaković

Changes in EEG signals during motor reaction to the lexical decision task

Bojana Golubović

Designing a platform for processing of motor evoked potentials

Ognjen Milićević

Implementation and comparison of electrocardiograph and Euler method for pulse feature extraction from video signal

Dragan Trifunović

Analysis of H reflexes recorded with electrode matrix on soleus muscle

Vladimir Kojić




Automatic diagnostic of sensory-motor disorders: New electromyoneurograph (EMNG)

Milica Janković

Multi-channel EMG for analysis of recovery function after central nervous system injuries

Nadica Miljkovic

Intelligent detection of tremor from volitional movement

Andrej Savić

Action Representation of Arm Movements: Primitives Based Model

Miloš Kostić

Electronic stimulator with wireless communication with controller

Radoš Dabić

Modeling of ECG arrhythmias

Nikola Marković

Comparison of ICA algorithms efficacy for ECG noise removal from EEG signals in neonates

Vladimir Matić

Stereovision system for perception generation

Marko Marković

Elastic foot: modeling of the geometry and stiffness optimization

Matija Štrbac

Development of a system for testing effects of haptic interface on motor learning

Petar Kovačaević

Cortical activity variations during various motor tasks

Nikola Šobajić

Software for controlling the position of a Wii-mote in order to produce motivated arm movement exercises

Momčilo Prodanović

Identification of M wave characteristics based on multi pad electrode measurements

Tijana Jevtić

Development of planar rehabilitation robot - software for close loop control of planar rehabilitation robot

Miloš Radulović

The impact of spatio-spectral filtering for motor imagery

Bojana Mirković

Influence of visual feedback on changes in cortical activity during real and imagined movements

Marija Stevanović

Electrical stimulation of afferent nerve fibers on the forearm with the surface electrodes for sensory substitution

Minja Perović

Development of a system for measuring the distribution of ground reaction forces using piezoresistive MEMS sensors

Vladimir Kojić

Heuristic evaluation of joint angles during gait based on the inertial sensor measurements

Marija Petrović

The software and algorithm for the automatic diagnosis of parathyroid adenoma

Marko Djurović

The development of software tools for automatic detection of tumors on the whole body PET scans

Nataša Petrović




Upper extremity tremor suppression system based on functional electrical stimulation out-of-phase with tremor

Lana Popović Maneski

Inertial sensors signal processing methods for gait analysis of patients with impaired gait patterns

Milica Đurić-Jovičić

Synergy patterns of stroke subjects while walking: Implications for control of FES assistive devices

Ivana Milovanović

Methods and instrumentation for assessment of motor function by the means of electromyography

Nadica Miljković

Robotic system for training and assessment of upper extremity function during rehabilitation of stroke survivors

Miloš Kostić

System for functional electrical stimulation based on multi-pad electrodes

Nebojša Malešević

Electroencephalographic Control Signals Of Brain-Computer Interface In Neurorehabilitation

Andrej Savić

Computer system for acquiring, storing, retrieving and processing images obtained by Gamma camera

Milica Janković


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