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1. Undergraduete courses in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Technology

Undergraduete courses BMIT


2. Master program (5th Year of the Academic Studies)


 Comment: This list is the segment from the program called: Biomedical and Ecological engineering

Courses (master level):


1. Neural Engineering

Dejan Popović, Mirjana Popović

2. Modeling of Biophysical Systems

Dejan Popović, Mirjana Popović

3. Data Acquisition Systems

Dragan Stanković

4. Medical Informatics

Branimir Reljin

5. Special topics from Physics: Nuclear Imaging

Predrag Marinković


Courses from the academic studies:


6. Medical Decision Systems

Srđan Stanković, Milan Milosavljević

7. Advanced biomedical signal processing

Mirjana Popović

8. Systems for digital image processing

Branimir Reljin

9. Telemedicine

Branimir Reljin

10. Biomechanics

Veljko Potkonjak

11. Biomaterials

Dejan Raković

12. Dosimeters and radiation protection

Predrag Osmokrović


1 The student needs to select five courses, and at least two from the courses numbered 1 to 5

The program is completed with a Master project (1 semester - equivalent to 30 ECTS),
and it can be approached after passing 5 courses (30 ECTS).

This degree is planned to last for 1 year. Minimum qualification for entering into
the program is 4-year B.S. or similar degree that is equivalent to 240 ECTS.


3. Biomedical Engineering and Technologies (BMIT) - PhD Degree

PhD Studies


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