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About Us


  • The Laboratory for Biomedical Engineering and Technologies (BMIT) was formed to provide the necessary support for professional and educational activities of students and staff at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade.

  • The primary goal of the Lab is to provide logistic support for the development and design of new analog and digital interfaces for biomedical applications. The Laboratory is based on advanced computerized equipment that comprises National Instruments interfaces to body signals. The data acquisition software is based on LabView and MatLab.

  • The main direction of activities is the development of clinical devices with the overall goal do design systems which could in the future replace the import of expensive electrophysiological and other equipment. Among other, we developed the system for acquisition and processing of data in nuclear medicine (gamma camera) that is used within the Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade and Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. We developed a polyEMG and EMNG systems that are used for research in the Institute for rehabilitation "Dr Miroslav Zotović" in Belgrade, We also developed research tools and devices that are used by our peers in clinical environment.

  • In relation to the strong research and scientific interest of the staff specific attention is dedicated to motor neural prostheses. In the Laboratory we are developing various elements needed for functional use of electrical stimulation and rehabilitation of movement (electrodes, controllers, stimulators, sensors systems, walking assists, etc.) that among other resulted with professional collaboration with private industry and patents.

  • The Laboratory follows strict ethical policy based on Helsinki declaration. The experimental work in the Lab includes only healthy individuals. The validation of methods and instruments in individuals with health impairments take place by our clinical partners and collaborators with medical background and qualifications.

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